Sunday, July 9, 2017

Have you ever...?

I'm a curious sort.  I like to know things.  Sometimes the things are nonsensical and only for my curiosity sake.  Sometimes the things are educational, and I can pull them into conversation later.  I simply like to KNOW things.

One of the funniest parts of writing books with sex scenes, both sweet and explicit, is the question, "Have you ever...?"
Readers want to know if I've done some of the things written in my books.
The short answer?  Yes. No.  I've wanted to.  More than once.

What I've done or haven't doesn't really have any bearing on the reader, in my opinion.  It's not MY story you're reading.  It's the characters.  And while I do concede to it being a part of me, I'll not be telling which part:  fiction or no.

I will share that research is hella fun.

I'm not sure why the sexual component is such a fascinating one.  I don't know if readers want to compare notes, start a club, or report me to Kinks Anonymous. ( Is there such a place?)

Sometimes I think people, in general, want to know what's "normal".  But guess what?  What's normal for one may not be for the other.  Or maybe they simply want a peek into someone else's sex life. Readers are a bit voyeuristic by nature.

Have I ever...?

Always writing*

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