Thursday, July 27, 2017

Creativity doesn't tickle

Creativity is making something from nothing.  It usually demands a piece of your soul.
While that sounds incredibly Gothic and horrifying, it's true.
Creativity hurts.

I always grieve when I hear of creative people who have passed whether by their own hand or deed or something else.  Because I understand the depth of emotion that must've taken them to that dark place.  Creative souls are often tortured souls.  Being able to create opens the pressure release valve a bit so we can breathe.

G-Eazy.  "Vengeance on My Mind"
You think I’m ever giving up? For Pete’s sake, I doubt it
I’m in my element tonight and you can’t take me out it
And I said, f**k a comfort zone and started breaking out it
This music’s keeping me alive, I swear I ache without it

Have you ever interrupted someone who is creating?  I will literally bare my teeth like a feral dog. There's not much worse than to be doing what you need to be doing only to be stopped before you are finished.  Tread lightly.  Creativity requires the release.

With the passing of singers and artists and actors by their own hands, I grieve especially for them.  I do for car accidents and other ways of leaving this earth, but a part of my soul aches when it's a creative person we've lost.

The latest to leave this earth was Chester Bennington.  I never met the fellow, but he and his bandmates would keep my company on my two-hour a day commute to work and back. When I found out that he had taken his own life, it cut deeply.  From the outside looking in, he had everything that anyone could ever have wanted.  But from the inside looking out, he was drowning.  

Please love your creative people.  Let them create when the need arises.  But especially check in to see how they're really feeling, and if they perhaps need something more from you.  There's a price for creativity.  There's a price for catharsis.  There's a price for exorcising demons in public.  
Love us even when we're unlovable.
Always writing*

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