Sunday, October 8, 2017

Words are my drug

It's funny how mere words are my everything.

When strung together "just so"...they're magic.

I never particularly wanted to be Batman or Wonder Woman or Spiderman.  Super powers held little appeal to me in my own little life. 
But give me words, and I'm armed to the teeth.

I can elicit emotion with my words.  I can make you laugh or cry or scream.  I can take you to another planet, a place in time that didn't previously exist, or the Greatest Show on my mind.
Heady stuff.  No pun intended.

I can make you feel.
Makes you squirm a bit, doesn't it?  My words rattling around in your head making you think and feel things you hadn't before.

I'm self-medicating, if that helps matters at all.

I wrap myself in the words on a shitty day and go someplace else.  I create people and places that bridge us between here and there.  I'm a word architect, if you will.  I'm a traveler through times and minds and characters that touch your soul.  I leave my literary breadcrumbs about to lead you out of your own mind and into mine. 

Don't venture from the road.
You're not the only thing rattling around in there.

Always writing*